Natural, Safe And Cheaper Solutions To Getting Rid Scars On Your Face.

Scars are marks usually visible on the skin and are left by the healing of injured tissues through burns, scratches, cuts, surgery or any other trauma. There are different types of scars classified in terms of their causes and how they form. There are keloid scars caused by hyperactive or over-aggressive healing processes and in most cases they extend beyond point of injury. Hypertrophic scars are the same as Keloids but do not go beyond point of injury whereas contracture scars are caused by burns. Acne scars are resultant of severe acne conditions and is one of the most common type of facial scars.
The type, size, depth and location of the scar may dictate how it is treated but generally, scars can be eliminated or ablated through natural and safe means of scar treatments as follows;
Argan Oil Used With Dimethicone. Argan oil is natural and organic plant oil rich in nutrients and medicinal qualities. It is famed for having more vitamin E than any other oil and they help in buttressing collagen, boosts and protects fibroblast of the skin -the cell from which connective tissue develops. Therefore, besides other wonderful benefits of maintenance and repair of the skin, Argan oil is a natural and safe product that works wonders on how to get rid of scars on your face. Dimethicone, a gel based skin protector and lubricant, can be used daily and conjointly as a safe complimentary product in healing scars.

Aloe Vera. It is sometimes considered a wonder plant especially when it comes to skin care. Its’ juice can be applied to fresh wounds to prevent scars and it can also be regularly applied on old scars. It works well on scars because it contains high anti-inflammatory properties and skin regeneration qualities in their natural chemical compounds. Apply at least twice daily aloe sap straight from plant or use Aloe Vera herbal products on your face and scar.

Cleanse With Natural Herbs And Botanics. Wash your face and apply natural herbal cleansers like lavender, willow bark, lemon juice, and tree tea oil. These products should be used moderately on a daily basis; the products may all be used at intervals of 10 minutes then rinsed off with warm water. One or all of the named products may be used consequentially one at a time.

Rosehip Seed Oil. Is rich in antioxidants and is famous for skin rejuvenation and hydrating effects and is widely used commercially as a cosmetic product. Apply daily on affected area and gently massage at least twice daily. It will soothe and reduce swelling and brings back original skin color.
Eat Fruits and Vegetables and Drink More Water. Nutrition plays a big role in healing processes in our bodies and scars are no exception. Fruits and greens contain essential vitamins that are anti-aging and also critical in skin restoration. Insist on a balanced diet always in order to keep your body healthy and prevent infections and diseases that may affect your skin and leave scars. Water on the other hand keeps our bodies and skin well moisturized and hydrated.


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